The Super Awesome Cool is a community. We have teams and members who play different games. Want your team sponsored by the Super Awesome Cool? Contact us today.</br></br></br> MEMBER LIST // Bee, Christianson, Damen57, Dougie, Dreco, Fred_Durbin, GhoulSlayer, GoodGoat, GoofyRat, Jade, John_Hunter, Kris_Johnson, Loony, MiniMoose, Noodles, Pam_Neesha, SnowMan, Smokehouse, SchoolMaster, TaCo, tehrichie, Tom_Hat, Westy, Xanavi, </br></br> Missing members : Chilly Willy, Duece , Xtrakt, Damen_Black, Tommy_Black, Gizza, Nappy, Ill_Favors, Bogka, Ryan_Williams, Woody,