POSTED BY Match Tical August 30, 2017 in Videos
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Well Absolver is finally here and i jumped in on day 1 to get a feel for what the Kung-Fu action would be like. Servers immediately were not reachable so i was a little worried if i was even going to play. Only after like 50 retry attempts did i realize that you can play in an offline mode of the same game experience minus the randos you would encounter in game.

My first reaction to the game was everything i hoped it would be with stylish moves and balanced gameplay. The play style is extremely simplistic in design but will prove difficult to master. It reminds me of Rocket League in sense that anyone could pick it up and have fun.

What worries me is the way the game has progressed. No one speaks and my first and second quests were given to me by weird looking doors. The path forward to new areas has been blocked by magical blocking stone doors that only open to those who have bested certain enemies. i really enjoy the walking around and the encounters with fighters and groups. Some of the movement and combos at the early stages of the game made ducking and dodging seem very intuitive.

Check out the video here while i geek out and blast Wu-Tang. Some of which has already been removed for copyright purposes but whatever….

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