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Time to talk about the games on M4TCH’s Most wanted list. Im going to post the main 3 im looking forward to in the near future.

First up is the kung-fu action MMO Absolver :

This game is bringing something new to the table. There is a special place in my heart when it comes to fighting games and 2d fighters. You can tell by all the Blazblue and Guilty Gear games i purchased during the steam summer sale. The 3d fighter really got its teeth in me with soul caliber and even as far back as virtual fighter on the Sega Saturn. I think this is a modern take on a Genre that doesn’t get alot of love outside of main anime titles like the One Piece, Naruto, and DBZ games.


Next up is the call to the open seas of adventure. I know that we really do not know anything about sailing (other than Noodles) but this game looks like it will be the most anticipated group required game this season. I cant wait to catch scurvy with the crew and raise hell on every island on the grand line!

Microsoft store game will be released for PC as well but will need to be purchased from the Microsoft store i guess? More information will be out soon so i will try to leave some comments leading in the right direction for downloads and purchases.


Finally the last game to mention received the award for “Games Pam will play” award when i was talking about it in discord. Fortenite looks like a combination of Minecraft, 7 Days, and L4D.   seems like a book mix for people who really are not into MOBA games but dig the idea of waves and action stuff.






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